ALCA Shade Comparison Guide
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ALCA Shades Compared to VITA Shades Using a Spectrophotometer
  ALCA   VITA   Bioform   Bioblend   Portrait IPN   Ivoclar  
  Reddish Brown Shades  
  10   Hollywood White with beautiful aesthetics  
  11   A1   B51   nil   P1   1A/120  
  20   A1.7   nil   104   P2   2A/130  
  15   A2.3   B53, B62   104   P2   2A/130  
  17   A3   B54, B63   108   P3   1D/220  
  23   A3.5   B65   106, 116   P3.5   1E/230 and 2C/240  
  31   A4   B81, B83, B84   114, 118   P4   3E/340  
  Reddish Brown Shades  
  11   B1   B59   100   P11   01/110  
  40   B2   B52, B66, B92   112   P12   1A/120  
  22   B3   B55, B93   1099   P13   2B/210  
  22   B4   B56, B67   110   P14   2E/330  
  Greyish Shades  
  12   C1   B91   102   P21   1A/120  
  24   C2   B94   nil   P22   4B/430  
  39   C3   B95   nil   P23   6D/510  
  41   C4   B96   nil   P24   6D/510  
  Reddish Brown Grey Shades  
  13   D2   nil   nil   P32   2A/130  
  21   D3   nil   nil   P33   6B/420  
  26   D4   B69   113   P34   6C/440  
  27   nil (D4.5)   B77   nil   nil   5B/320  
  32**   nil (D5)   B85   nil   nil   4D/540  



ALCA shade 32 is browner than Bioform B85 which is more yellowish
Due to unique moulding and shading techniques of different tooth manufacturers,
exact shade comparisons are not possible. However ALCA shades are a very close
match to VITA shades.

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